Creating Careers in Aviation


Our Goals are Instilling Self-Esteem, Creating Confidence
and Building Leaders
"What to do when the unthinkable happens in flight"
Today's youth are inflicted with drugs and opioids.
Our theme is Aviation not Medication

Creating a Super Fund - Mechanics to Astronauts
Planes4Kids is creating a "Super Fund" for scholarships to train airplane mechanics, air traffic controllers, weather, airport architects, cyberspace and pilots. We will be sending the students to the best aeronautical and mechanical schools in the country. This Super Fund will provide a direction for many of our youth today to go the way of aviation today and not medication.
Donate a Plane

We make it easy for pilots or fleet owners to donate aircraft such as airplanes, helicopters, corporate jets or experimental. If your airplane just sits in the hangar or has been on the market far too long, consider an aircraft donation today! Your donation gives us wings in more ways than one and as a charitable contribution, your aircraft donation will make a big difference! Whether you're upgrading to another model, or your flying activities have changed; donating aircraft through our charity will lessen the turbulence ahead.

Helping Our Youth

Planes4Kids is creating a movement to educate youth in careers aerospace starting from becoming an airplane mechanic, growing into engineering, cyberspace and learning to be a pilot and one day becoming an astronaut.  The opioid crises is virtually destabilizing the youth of the United States.  Our theme of Aviation and not Medication will save untold lives and build careers which will shape the future of America.

Building self esteem, confidence and leaders.

Tax Donation

Planes4Kids makes it easy to donate aircraft. One of our top priorities is making sure that all aircraft donations fully comply with federal tax regulations. When you choose to donate your used aircraft to Planes4Kids we will make sure you receive all necessary tax documents required from your specific donation. Our friendly and professional staff are available to answer any questions you might have about your donation. Call us Toll Free.

How it works


1) Donate your plane using the contact form below or call our donation specialists at 1-888-977-6133.


2) We'll call you today to arrange a convenient way to claim your donation.


3) You receive a tax deduction donation voucher.

Donating is that easy. No paperwork, no headache, zero cost.

About Planes 4 Kids

We are setting up our first education center in North Carolina where we will setup a mechanics school while at the same time offering flying lessons starting from the age of 16. We have created a center in Hendersonville Airport in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Where we will be teaching about mechanics and aerospace education to our youth leading to various careers in aerospace. We are building careers in aerospace starting with learning to be an airplane mechanic and one day becoming an astronauts! Striving to raise funds to help at risk youth and young people by providing them tools for success. Supporting camps and youth programs, these donations are critical in order to fund programs for families who cannot afford to pay and to enroll their children.