The first Airbus flight  took place in Toulouse on 28 October, 1972, a month ahead of schedule because meny delays due to bad weather. It lasted one hour and 23 minutes. Fischl was captain, while Bernard Ziegler, then head of flight test, was his number two.

The biggest aircraft Airbus makes is the A380 but the plane is starting to get retired.

The A380 can hold 800 pasengers and is only used by spescel airlanes like Emerates.

The most sucsefull plane Airbus makes is the A320 neo and is in use by many airlanes.

The first plane Airbus made was the A300 and was the plane thay used for the first Airbus flight.


Boeing  turned its attention to its first aircraft specifically designed for passenger flights, the Model 80. The 80 first flew in August 1928 and was working along Boeing Air Transport's route two weeks later.

The most sucsesfull Boeing aircraft is the Boeing 737,and you have probably flown on it to.

Trans Maldavien Airways

Trans Maldavien Airways is the biggest sea plane compeny in the entire world.

Sea planes is pretty practical because you can land in water if there is an emergency.


Airlines is the compenys that uses the planes all the other compenys make.

The most populer airlines is  Ryan Air, Easy Jet, SAS, American Airlines, Delta and Emirates.

If it wasn't for the companies that makes the planes and for the companies that flyes the planes, we wouldnt be able to travel in the air. 

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